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Solving the world’s growing population issue

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Solving the world’s growing population issue

Every July 11 is celebrated as World Population Day to highlight the importance of addressing and finding solutions to population issues. World Population Day is an international level awareness campaign to raise awareness for our exploding population year by year. Overpopulation is the root cause of almost all global issues challenging the world. It continues to affect the economic and social aspects of our world. World Population Day comes along each year to remind us how our present rate of population growth is unsustainable and the present social and logistical issues we are experiencing to meet the demand of that population will only get worse if we don’t do something. Unless something is done soon, global conditions will just deteriorate further.

From Mr Razeen Ashique


Car seat dilemma

I’m not against this idea, but what if someone has three children (‘All Dubai taxis and limos must provide child seats’, Gulf News, July 7)? Will the taxi have three car seats in the back? I doubt there will be space to even store the car seats when not in use. What about hygiene? I would want my children in car seats in a taxi (they have always been in car seats), but not in one that a thousand other children have used in the taxi.

From Ms Chrissie Pretorius


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Parent’s responsibility

At the end of the day, Ms Chrissie Pretorius, your children are your responsibility. If you have three children in an age category where they all need a car seat, this is something you’re going to need to sort out. I’m sure if you called for a taxi enough in advance, they should be able to accommodate a couple OF car seats. As for not wanting to use their car seats that they are kind enough to offer to customers, that is your prerogative!

From Ms Chelsey Long


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So many tests!

Even for a common flu, laboratory tests are sometimes recommended (‘70% of UAE physician’s diagnoses dependent on lab results’, Gulf News, July 7)! It always seems like another way to make money. In the past, the doctor would do a check-up and recommended a medicine. Now it’s necessary to go through a number of tests and then they say it’s only a minor fever.

From Ms Mala Anil


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Better safe than sorry

When you visit the hospital having a headache, it is likely you will undergo several blood tests, then you are sent home to go and wait for the results, which might take around five days. l take it positively as it helps to know upcoming illnesses that might be lingering.

From Ms Agnes M. Kathambi


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Methods to investigate

Investigations are needed to confirm clinical diagnosis based on history and physical examination as well as to exclude possible differential diagnosis. Technology is now available and doctors are exploiting it. When an MRI was not available, didn’t doctors diagnose and treat spinal cord lesions?

From Mr D. Robin


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Financially viable

Doctors must understand their patients’ financial conditions before prescribing tests and medicines. In India, many doctors do that. Here, a prescription is based on the insurance card status.

From Mr Manoj Murali


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Retire with honour

It is really unfortunate that a lot of hue and cry has been raised about the rare failure of cricketer M. S. Dhoni (‘Gayle back in Windies colours for one-off T20’, July 6). No doubt he could not finish the job during the fourth One Day International (ODI) against the West Indies team. Such things do happen to the best of batsmen in the world and it should not be a point of discussion for axing him. It is foolish of some of the past cricketers to squarely blame Dhoni for the failure. He has always been a cool captain, player and teammate who has won many matches on his own and given credit to the team. Fortunately, Virat Kohli is supporting Dhoni and we are confident that he will be allowed to play his own game and retire honourably. If he finds himself as a liability to the team, he would be the last man to prolong and spoil the chances of talented youngsters who are waiting in the wing.

From Ms Kavitha Srikanth

Thane, India

Powerful and aggressive

Will the US attack North Korea as a retaliation against their intercontinental ballistic missile test (‘Accepting the North Korean reality’, Gulf News, July 8)? It is a moot point. US President Donald Trump said he is considering a “pretty severe” response to North Korea’s nuclear test. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley warned that the US is prepared to use the full range of their capabilities to defend itself and its allies. She blasted China and Russia for not taking any action against the regime. It is only talk and nothing will be done, because if a war breaks out, it will be the end of everything. All these countries are playing with nuclear weapons. Beware of North Korea – they are powerful and aggressive.

From Mr Sunny Joseph

Mala, India

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