Dubai Metro
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Dubai Metro Blue Line

Work on the Metro Blue Line is going to begin this year (“Dubai Metro Blue Line to commence this year”, Gulf News, February 18). This new line will significantly enhance connectivity and accelerate transportation options, helping to ease traffic congestion and encourage more people to use public transport. The expansion of the Blue Line will extend its coverage, thereby strengthening the overall public transportation network in Dubai. It’s worth mentioning that Dubai’s driverless metro system is currently ranked as the most efficient transportation system globally. Besides, the forthcoming introduction of the Etihad rail is poised to revolutionise transportation modes in the UAE and GCC in the coming years.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Tribute to Pankaj Udhas

In the death of renowned Gazal singer Pankaj Udhas, the world of music has lost an iconic artiste par excellence (“State funeral for late ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas in India”, Gulf News, February 27). He was known for his soulful ghazals and melodious voice, coupled with his nuanced understanding of ghazal poetry. His music resonated deeply with listeners and gave joy and pleasure to millions of music lovers in India and abroad. Today, when he is no more, I remember his soulful songs. The maestro’s legendary career spanned four decades, and he was conferred with many prestigious awards and honours, including the country’s fourth highest civilian award, Padma Shri, in 1975, recognising his contribution to popularising the ghazal form of music. His death has left a huge void for an entire generation of music lovers in the Indian sub-continent and beyond, to mourn this loss that can never be filled for a long time to come. He has left behind the unforgettable legacy of soulful and timeless melodies of ghazals that will continue to resonate deeply with the audience for generations to come. He was indeed an institution with no parallel ever again. Rest in peace, Pankaj Udhas.

From Mr Ramesh G Jethwani


Break the bias

It is shocking and shameful that the Indian Cricket Association forced Hanuma Vihari, the cricketer who captained the Andhra Cricket team against West Bengal this year, to resign from his captaincy. He was reportedly asked to quit due to a politician’s influence. Unfortunately, in India, political leaders seem to play a significant role in the selection process, whether in sports, elections or even promotions in an establishment. Baba Indrajit from Tamil Nadu is another example of a talented player with a consistent batting average of 63.60 but still struggling to find a place in the national squad. It is high time that politicians are kept out of sports associations to prevent them from spoiling the discipline of sports.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


Science for global well being

Science Day is a globally celebrated event commemorating the Raman Effect discovered by Sir C V Raman, the renowned Indian physicist, on February 28. This day is highly significant as it aims to raise awareness about the importance of science and its contributions to society. The theme for Science Day varies each year, but it always revolves around promoting scientific knowledge and encouraging young people to pursue a career in science. The theme for National Science Day 2024 is “Science for a Sustainable Future”. The focus of this theme is to emphasise the crucial role that science and technology play in tackling global challenges and creating a more sustainable future for everyone. In essence, Science Day highlights the significance of science and its impact on society by promoting scientific inquiry and inspiring future generations of scientists.

From Mr Jubel D’Cruz


Cricket: Joe Root leads England’s dominance in Test

Hats off to the England cricket team, particularly Joe Root who anchored the crease to score an unbeaten century and help his team recover from a precarious position to a fighting total of 353 runs in their first innings. Although the Indian player Akash Deep made an impressive start by taking three crucial wickets from the England top order, I missed our seasoned bowler Jasprit Bumrah, who could have knocked out the bottom half of the batting lineup that added over 200 runs with Joe Root. Later on, their rookie spinner, Shoaib Bashir, bowled brilliantly to restrict the Indian team total to 217 runs for seven at the end of day two. As things stand, we are likely to concede a lead of less than 100, which will give England the upper hand to win this test. Since the pitch is deteriorating, it’s going to be a real test for both teams to play their second innings. If the spinners can also put up a good show and bowl out the England team for less than 150, then they can win the series. If not, the fifth and final test will decide the winner.

From Mr Ayush Srikanth


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