'Hands in' challenge
Screengrab of Riley the Golden Retriever taking up the challenge Image Credit: Riley the Golden Retriever/TikTok

If you have a pet dog, here’s a social media challenge you cannot ignore – the trending ‘hands in’ challenge. It is considerably one of the cutest trends this year with over 13 million posts on TikTok.

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The ‘hands in’ challenge involves putting your hand on top of another person’s hand, in front of your dog. If the dog puts their paw on top, the challenge is completed. The videos range from enthusiastic pets to pets who are confused or ‘lazy’.

Like this 13-year-old dog trying to lift its paw, and finally succeeding. The video garnered over one million views in one day.

One user, ‘Liz V’ commented on the post saying, “Omg her trying so hard and getting it!”. To which the creator, @LikeAY-DUH, replied, “She was trying to lift her paw up for so long.”

In another video, the dog gets excited after he completes the challenge.

One user, @Tartatine, commented, “Aww she was so proud of herself.” To which the creator and human parent, @Danni, replied, “So proud it kind of made her jump haha.”

While most dogs did the trend successfully, there were some who were a little confused at first. Like this big dog, who adorably placed her paw on her little sibling’s head.

Some were so confused they just stared at their human parents in complete confusion.

No one’s too sure of who started this challenge, but the number of pet dogs and their human parents partaking in the trends seems to be growing fast. With each video getting more than 100,000 likes and views.

However, it hasn’t stopped there. There are now videos of cats partaking in the viral challenge too.

And, while there are cats that complete the challenge perfectly, there are some that stand out….

Like this cat who stole the show as she completed the challenge despite not being able to see clearly.

Some cats on the other hand, weren’t fans of this trend.

This orange cat seemed lazy at first, but then goes on to clean his paw before completing the challenge.

Some users commented saying, “He wants to be included but doesn’t want to come off as too eager.” While another said, “He’s respectful! He even cleaned his paw.”

There are several reason why dogs and cats lift their paws when unprompted. Some include stress, injury or even hunting among other things. They even do this unprompted when they want to call for attention.

But in this scenario, they seem to be happily mimicking their human parents, and it makes for the most adorable and happy videos.