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The Second Passport Consultants Team

A leader in the economic citizenship industry, Second Passport Consultants helps investors and their families obtain citizenship and residency by investment in multiple Caribbean and European countries.

Established in 2019, Second Passport Consultants attracts international investors seeking better business opportunities and freedom of travel exclusively available through a second passport. As it matches clients with their ideal citizenship by investment (CBI) programme, Second Passport Consultants works to increase awareness of the numerous benefits of a second passport.

These include visa-free travel to attractive global destinations, investment opportunities in minimal tax environments, and eligibility to obtain residency in stable and secure countries.

Second Passport Consultants is one of a select group of companies authorised by multiple global governments to act as a CBI agent to international investors. There are various citizenship by investment options, and different investors have different needs.

Second Passport Consultants excels at selecting the best programme for individual investors and families through its familiarity with the detailed components of various CBI vehicles and its commitment to developing a nuanced understanding of each investor’s financial and travel goals.

In addition to providing individualised CBI services to clients, Second Passport Consultants also works to increase general awareness of the various economic citizenship programmes on the market.

Pursuant to this objective, the company has established the following websites dedicated to citizenship by investment programmes in the Caribbean and the Pacific:

- Commonwealth of Dominica:

- Saint Kitts and Nevis:

- Grenada:

- Antigua and Barbuda:

- Saint Lucia:

- Vanuatu: