sister wedding screen grab
A screen grab from the video Image Credit: Twitter/@Devon0Jones

Texas: Bridezilla – the wedding monster who wanted everything to go her way – is a known phenomenon. Not as well known, but way better liked is the generous bride.

This is someone who is self-less enough to have someone else take the spotlight for a second, confident in the knowledge that the entire day she will be the star anyway.

A wedding video that has gone viral shows a moment of giving by just such a bride.

When it came time for bride Sierra McGinty-Rush to throw her wedding bouquet to all the single ladies, she pretended to and then turned around to hand it over to her brother’s girlfriend, Baylee Gillmore. And right then and there, in front of all their family and friends, there was her brother, Solomon McGinty, to pop the question.

Fortunately, she said yes, and so was born the video of proposal of the year. When Sierra was asked about the episode on TV show “Good Morning America”– it was apparently her idea - she said, "If he proposed anywhere else, I wouldn’t get to see it, so it was only right."

Solomon, the new finance, apparently was the hesitant one about this plan; he wanted Sierra’s day to be just about her. But she was adamant.

Was Baylee surprised? Reportedly. “(Baylee) had no idea … She was like ‘no way’ and then I showed her the ring,” Solomon said.

For anyone bristling at the idea that the bouquet throwing sacred moment was shattered, put away those scowls. “Immediately after (the proposal) was over, I actually did toss the bouquet, somebody caught it, and we went right into the reception. Nothing was taken away from me, and even if it was, that’s my brother. I don’t mind sharing it with him. That’s why it was my idea,” Sierra told American media.