Mark Rodgers and Bianca Suarez with 99 year old Margaret Ripley
Mark Rodgers and Bianca Suarez with 99-year-old Margaret Ripley Image Credit: FACEBOOK

A UK couple held their wedding day in a care home, so the bride's great-grandmother could walk her down the aisle.

Thirty-nine-year-old Bianca Suarez, and her fiancée, Mark Rodgers, were engaged in February 2009, but due to several reasons, they didn't get a chance to marry. That was until Bianca's ailing great-grandmother, 99-year-old Margaret Ripley, told a staff member at her nursing home that she feared she wouldn't live long enough to see them marry.

As a result, staff recommended that Bianca and Mark finally spend their big day in the facility, allowing Margaret to escort Bianca down the aisle.

Talking to a local news source, Suarez said: "We were going to attempt to save enough money this year to get married next year, but it was looking like nanny would not be here."

"First, we decided to stage a mock wedding in which we dressed up and had the employees pretend to be the priest. But then we decided to do it right and have her walk me down the aisle. It was a huge responsibility to get everything together in time, but it just happened."

Although it is a stressful situation, Rodgers and Suarez were able to make their wedding happen on short notice thanks to the help of care home employees and loved ones.

The couple got married at Kingsleigh Care Home in Woking, Surrey, UK, on May 13, where Suarez's nanny Margaret Ripley lives.

According to local sources, nearby residents and their loved ones gathered to celebrate the wedding at the care home.

"I posted on Facebook asking if dreams can come true and detailing how ill Nanny was and how we were moving the wedding earlier because of it," Suarez said.

"Because we didn't have much money, we asked if we could borrow goods from individuals, and the response was amazing. So many people have come forward with so much love and support."

Later, she posted a few pictures of her marriage with a caption: "I had the most amazing day. There are some amazing people in the world that made my dream come true. I'm so overwhelmed by the support I had from my family and friends and, of course, the amazing Kingsliegh family and staff, people that don't even know me. It truly was the best day of my life. Thank you all for all your lovely messages. It's times like this when you do find out who your true friends are, the ones that could make the service and made the time to come join us on the day and the ones that sent me beautiful messages."

Knowing about this heartwarming incident, social media users couldn't stop showering them with blessings and applause.

A Facebook user, Lucy Bradley, wrote: "Congratulations Bianca, you look stunning and a beautiful tribute to your nanny."

Another Facebook user, Nena De La Cruz, commented on the post: "Congratulations and beautiful pictures. Your nanny looks so happy, and I'm so glad you both got the perfect day. This might be the most amazing act of unselfish kindness and love I've ever heard of. I'm speechless. God bless you both!"