India: Official suspended for draining entire reservoir to retrieve mobile phone
Image Credit: ANI

Kanker (Chhattisgarh): A food inspector in Chhattisgarh's Kanker district has been suspended after he allegedly wasted 21 lakh (2.1 million) litres of water from the Kherkatta dam to find his mobile phone.

Earlier on Sunday, the food inspector identified as Rajesh Vishwas gone for a picnic near Kherkatta dam and while taking a selfie his phone fell into the water.

Reacting to this matter Congress MLA Anoop Nag said, "I got information about this matter through sources and media reports that a food inspector of Pakhanjur, Rajesh Vishwas had gone for a picnic near Kherkatta dam...after he lost his phone, he emptied the whole dam to find it. This area has a lot of farmers and though the phone and its data are important, however causing a loss of the public's water is unacceptable.

"Many people were deployed to find it, though a search must have been done for the mobile phone but draining the whole water from the dam is unacceptable. There will be an investigation into this matter. I want the collector to take strict action," Congress MLA said.

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