Greta and Max
Greta and Max Image Credit: Instagram

A couple, both working as doctors in Australia, selflessly postponed their wedding to continue working amidst the coronavirus outbreak but their friends decided to throw them a surprise.

The duo, identified by their first names, Max and Greta, are emergency doctors and were supposed to get married on Sunday but they postponed their wedding as they were busy working at the hospital.

They shared a post from their joint Instagram account telling their story with the caption, "Today we should have been getting married, but instead…"

The picture also shows them holding a sign that reads: "We should be getting married today but instead, we went to work for you. So stay at home for us."

After they posted this picture, it went viral and their colleagues at the hospital arranged for a special surprise for them.

They arranged for material that could be used instead of a dress and a suit for the soon-to-be bride and the groom.

Max and Greta shared a consecutive post and wrote: "When you can’t get married but you work with some incredible people, and they dress you in butcher's paper and a garbage bag to make you feel like the most beautiful couple!"

In the picture, Max can be seen wearing a black trash bag over his scrubs and a few flowers pinned to his ‘pocket’. Greta is seen in a makeshift wedding ‘dress’ and 'veil' made out of white butcher's paper over her scrubs. She also has a bright pink headpiece and a belt on.

The post went viral on Instagram and people appreciated the couple for their dedication.

Instagrammer @inkeroinensaija wrote: “Congratulations anyway! And thank you for your important work.

User @anindyadinarta commented: “Wishing you guys wonderful ‘real’ wedding later on. Thank you for being in front line during this difficult time.”