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Dubai: Two masked individuals have been arrested in Jordan for attempting to rob a money exchange shop in the Zarqa governorate of Jordan on Saturday, armed with a toy gun, local media reported.

One of the two suspects is said to be an old man with prosthetic leg. Footage circulated on social media showed the robbers, with their faces covered, threatening employees and trying to flee the scene.

However, they were unable to steal any money and instead set fire to a chair before making their escape. The Zarqa Police Directorate quickly responded to reports of the attempted robbery and was able to locate and arrest the suspects, along with the seizure of their car and the toy gun.

The suspects confessed to planning the robbery during interrogations. No one was reported to have been hurt in the incident. The motives behind the attempted robbery remain unclear.

The failed attempt was widely criticised and mocked on social media, with many Jordanians labelling it as “one of the most stupid robbery attempts ever.”