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Dubai: A 15-year-old Jordanian boy has been admitted to hospital after being brutally attacked by a man who hit him with an axe on his head, local media reported. The teenager, Bahaa, was violently attacked with an axe on his head in the early morning hours of Wednesday at his home in Marj Al Hamam, Amman. The horror crime is the second gruesome assault to rock the Jordanian society in less than two months.

Security authorities have arrested the suspect a few hours after the brutal attack. Investigations showed that the perpetrator entered Bahaa’s home with an intent to harm his father due to financial disputes. When the son told the assaulter that his father was not at home, the perpetrator instead attacked Bahaa with an axe on the head.

According to Bahaa's uncle, the father disappeared four days ago and has not been heard from since. The uncle also indicated that after being hit on the head with the axe, Bahaa "crawled out onto the street where police officers found him."

The Public Security Directorate said it received a call shortly after midnight requesting medical treatment. When authorities arrived, they transported Bahaa to Al Bashir Hospital, where he is now in stable condition.

An investigation team was formed to search for the perpetrator, who was found and arrested on a farm in south Amman hours later. Police say he has a criminal record in theft cases. The suspect was referred to public prosecution for further investigation and legal action.

In October, a 16-year-old boy was violently attacked by a group of men in Zarqa who gouged out his eye and chopped off his forearms.