knife attack
16-year-old Saleh Hamdan will be transferred to Germany for medical treatment after a gang chopped off his hands and gouged out his eyes. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: 16-year-old Zarqa crime victim Saleh Hamdan - who had his hands chopped off and his eyes gouged out by a gang - will be transferred to Germany for medical treatment at the expense of the company that donated prosthetics to him, Salah’s mother said today.

Additionally, Saleh will be fitted with prosthetic limbs in Germany, she added. The boy had undergone four surgeries since the attack, one in his hand and three in his eye.

On October 13, a group of men beat Saleh to near death, gouging his eyes out and amputating his forearms in a case that has rocked Jordan.

The boy said the group had targeted him because of a murder perpetrated by his father, for which he is currently imprisoned.

His Majesty King Abdullah II had issued directives to provide all the necessary medical care to the boy.