Palestinian actress Inas Al Sakka
Palestinian actress Inas Al Sakka Image Credit: Facebook/Palestinian Ministry of Culture

Dubai: Palestinian actress Inas Al Sakka, known for her community involvement and contributions to theatre, was killed alongwith her daughters Lynn and Sarah during Israeli shelling of Gaza City.

The incident also left her other children, Ibrahim, Rita, and Farah, seriously injured. The devastating news was confirmed by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture through a Facebook post mourning the loss of the talented actress and her daughters amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Inas, a notable figure in the Palestinian theatre community, had moved to Cairo several years ago but had returned to Gaza recently. Her untimely demise on her native soil has left the community in mourning.

One of Inas's acquaintances disclosed that she had relocated to Cairo for a period but felt the pull to return to Gaza.

Providing further details on the tragic incident, Islam Qassem, a relative of Inas, shared through his social media account that Inas and her daughters were identified at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

He said that family had sought refuge at the Orthodox Cultural Centre before moving to a relative's house near the industry junction due to threats, where the fatal bombing occurred.

Inas Al Sakka, who had a background in interior design, was celebrated for her roles in plays like "The Bear" and "Something Happening". She had a particular fondness for children-centric works, which showcased her nurturing nature and passion for impacting the younger generation positively.