Dubai: Social media and microblog users have delivered a scathing criticism of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, saying that he was stooping low politically and morally.

The Lebanese militia leader on Friday launched a bitter attack on Saudi Arabia for leading the military operations in Yemen against the Al Houthi followers to restore legitimacy.

Nasrallah who in his speech compared Operation Storm of Resolve, the codename for the military operations, to the Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006, said that Saudi Arabia wanted to “renew its hegemony over Yemen”.

He added that the military operations were a combined Saudi-US aggression against the Yemenis.

His claims were made days after the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2216 imposing an arms embargo on the Al Houthis and calling on them to withdraw from areas they have seized, including the capital Sana’a.

The resolution also blacklisted the top Al Houthi leader, Abdul Malik Al Houthi, as well as the son of the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Ahmad. Both face a global asset freeze and travel ban.

“Will Nasrallah be held accountable for his position on Yemen and its people, as he claims or will be held accountable for his position on Syria and its people,” Dr Anwar Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said in his reaction to Nasrallah’s speech. “Another speech that reinforces a political and moral fall,” he said on his Twitter account.

Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Police and General Security in Dubai, said that Nasrallah was a fool.

“A friend informs me that Nasarallat – the nickname Dahi gives to Nasrallah – says that Iran’s interference in Yemen is as a charity foundation … What a fool!”

In Kuwait, a blogger accused Nasrallah of twisting facts.

“When Israel attacked South Lebanon in 2006, it was because you were holding two of its soldiers,” Wesal posted in remarks to the Hezbollah leader. “And when Israel bombarded the south and killed around 1,000 people, you said that if you had known that the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers would have resulted in such destruction you would not have done it. You were the cause of the destruction.”

Al Mousawi, another blogger, said that Nasrallah was good only at rhetoric.

“He has nothing but words and he is good at lying. The most important thing for him is his own interest and the interest and power of his party in Lebanon and the region.”

Nasrallah earlier this month came under harsh criticism from Hanadi Zaidan, a Lebanese television anchor who accused him of working for Iranian interests and against Lebanon, his home country.

She said that Hezbollah acted as a proxy of the Iranian government and was in opposition to the rest of the Arab world.

“Hezbollah and its secretary-general are the only ones who swim against the Arab and Lebanese current, declaring their blind loyalty to the Iranian birds of darkness,” Zaidan said.

Nasrallah and his “Iranian masters” had been caught off-guard by the coalition of Arab states’ military forces in what has been dubbed Operation Decisive Storm,” she said.

They “were alarmed by the Arab Decisive Storm and found it strange that the Arabs had decided to restore the legitimate Yemeni rule, along with the Arabs’ honour, which Iran has tried to sweep away by occupying Arab capitals.”