Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Some people should watch out — the legal system doesn't like dirty people.

An Egyptian woman was forced to go to court to complain about her husband who has been refusing to take a shower for a month. It ruled in the woman's favour and granted a divorce only after a few weeks of their marriage.

The woman, a petroleum engineer, told the court that she was "surprised" that her husband refused to bathe because of a certain kind of "allergy from water", according to Egyptian Arabic-language newspaper Al Masri Al Yaum.

She was not convinced and went to see his doctor, who confirmed to her the man's allergy, but added the disease doesn't stop him from cleaning up, the newspaper added. When the wife confronted the man with this fact, he became angry.

"This is my habit," she quoted him saying, the newpaper said. After he refused to divorce her, she went to the court, which gave her the kholou right.

Kholou in Islam is given to woman, under certain circumstances, after she gives up her rights from marriage for divorce once the man refuses to divorce the woman.