Note: this is a picture for the match boxes which Israeli forces distributed overnight to the Palestinians warning against Hamas. This is a supplied picture. Image Credit:

Ramallah: Israeli occupation forces distributed huge quantities of matchboxes at the entrances of mosques and houses in the West Bank city of Nablus in an effort to intimidate residents.

Written on the matchbox is a warning: “Hamas is putting the West Bank in flames”. Israel has been on a rampage in the West Bank in recent weeks, supposedly in an effort to look for three kidnapped Israelis. However, observers believe occupation forces are clearly using the kidnappings as an excuse to incite Palestinians against Hamas.

Meanwhile, an elderly woman was declared dead in Al Aroub Refugee Camp near Hebron when Israeli forces raided the camp and searched the house of 78-year-old Fatimah Esmail Rushdi who suffered a heart attack from being terrified. The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) declared the woman a martyr.

Meanwhile, 24-year-old Mustafa Husni Aslan from Qalandya Refugee Camp was also declared dead at the Hadasa Ain Karem Hospital in Israel. The Palestinian youth suffered a serious a injury in the head during last Friday clashes with the Israeli forces on the Qalandya Crossing. Sources in Ramallah told Gulf News that the martyr was targeted by the Israeli soldiers from a very short distance with live fire in the head. The sources said that it was not possible to provide the victim with the necessary treatment in the West Bank where the Israelis took him inside Israel for treatment.