Hamza Binladen, now 28, has become an active Al-Qaeda propagandist since his father’s death at the hands of US special forces in 2011. Image Credit: CBS / 60 Minutes / AFP

When Osama Bin Laden died in 2011, he left three sons. One disowned him, the other died, and the third followed in his footsteps.

His youngest son Hamza, now 28, has become the top propagandist and leader of Al Qaida, the terror franchise founded by his father.

Hamza is now the subject of "kill-or-capture" mission by Joint Coalition Special Operations Unit, according to British media reports.

Hamza is one of the most wanted targets of coalition special forces in Syria, the reports added.


The CIA has tagged Hamza as the new terror group leader following the death of his father, founder of Al Qaida, who claimed responsibility for the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

After the US terrot attacks, Osama Bin Laden had called for the start of global jihad.

He was killed 10 years later, in 2011, in a raid by the US Navy Seals in his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

British media reported that a top-secret manhunt is underway to "kill or capture" Bin Ladin Jr, the young terrorist leader.

Intelligence agencies warned he is "active" and has been plotting an attack on the West after his father's was killed by a US Navy Seals team in 2011.

Hamza disappeared from the remote compound at Abbottabad in Pakistan weeks before Osama Bin Laden was killed. He then re-emerged in 2015 to issue video messages praising terror attacks in London.

Hamza's reappearance in Syria prompted the CIA to add him to the US terror watch list. The reports said that western intelligence sources identified the younger Bin Laden in May and confirmed he's planning a revenge attack on the West.

'High-value target'

He is now among the top 10 "high-value" targets and being pursued by Coalition forces deployed on Operation Shader, according to the British media.

The Joint Coalition Special Operations team is understood to include 40 SAS soldiers have been deployed to Syria on a covert mission to find Hamza.

The special forces will be backed by hi-tech spy planes and drones that can pick radio communication signals, according to the British press.