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Dubai: A state of widespread outrage has engulfed Jordanian society after a 16-year-old boy was brutally assaulted by a group of men who chopped off both his hands and gouged out his eyes.

The hideous crime, which happened in Zarqa city on Tuesday, has sparked anger among social media users and influencers who demanded the most severe punishment for the culprits of a crime not seen before in the Kingdom.

The suspects filmed their crime and posted a video on social media. The video went viral on social media before Jordanian authorities issued an urgent decision banning the circulation of the footage, due to the brutal scenes.

Amer Al Sartawi, spokesperson for the Public Security Directorate, said: “The boy was immediately rushed to Zarqa Hospital after being brutally assaulted by a number of men who cut off his hands and popped out his eyes in retaliation for a previous murder.” He is in a critical condition, Al Sartawi added.

“We have launched an investigation to identify the suspects involved in the crime. They will be arrested and referred for Public Prosecution for legal action,” he said.

The hideous crime prompted social media users and human rights activists to raise questions about the punishment stipulated in the Jordanian Penal Code.

Lawyer Rawan Bani Hani said: “Penal Code’s article 335 stipulates that if an act results in the severance or amputation of a limb or the loss of such a limb or the loss of one of the senses or caused bodily disfigurement which is permanent or has a permanent appearance, the perpetrator shall be punished by temporary imprisonment with hard labour for a period that does not exceed 10 years.”

Activists believe this punishment is not severe enough for such a brutal crime against a teenager and demanded it be toughened.