Arrest, generic
Photo for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A Female drug dealer who was escaping a life sentence in Egypt has been finally arrested - at her husband's funeral, while trying to sell drugs there, too.

According to Al Watan newspaper, Egyptian security forces arrested the woman during her husband’s funeral, and upon searching her bag, packets of heroin were found inside.

Upon interrogation, the woman admitted she had hid the heroin packs with the intention of selling to others.

According to the Egyptian law, "anyone who brings in or exports synthetic substances with an anesthetic effect, or those that are harmful to the mind, body, or the psychological and neurological conditions, shall be punished by death, and anyone who possesses drugs for the purpose of trafficking the substances mentioned shall be sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of not less than EGP100,000 and not more than EGP500,000.”

In addition, they shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment and a fine not less than EGP50,000 and not more than EGP200,000 if the possession was for the purpose of using, and with prison and a fine of not less than EGP 50,000 and not more than EGP 100,000 if possession was without any reason.