Pcture used for illustrative purpose Image Credit: AFP

A tuk-tuk driver who returned quarter of a million pounds to their rightful owner in Egypt is making headlines.

Ahmad Al Arabi, a 28-year-old from the Bouhira governate in Egypt, returned a bag containing 250 thousand Egyptian pounds ($14 thousand) to a woman who lost them while on a tuk-tuk ride.

Speaking during a TV interview, he explained that he was “on his morning routine, riding his tuk-tuk looking for [a] customer when he saw a woman crying on the side of the road”. When he stopped to check on her she told him that she had lost her bag full of cash in a similar vehicle.

He asked the woman to describe the driver and his ride, and then went looking for the lost bag. After a two-hour search he found the driver and the money, went to the neighbourhood mosque and used its microphone to alert the woman of his findings.

“Life returned to the man and his wife when they came to collect the bag; the man have told me that the lost money was intended to buy a piece of land for his children, after he worked for long in Saudi Arabia.” He added: “I refuse to be awarded, for me it’s enough [that] I did the right thing.”