A scene from Tuk Tuk, about the child auto-rickshaw drivers of Cairo. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In a series of horrific incidents, a metro driver in Cairo forced his wife to drown her children in a bucket filled with water – with the help of his first wife, it has been revealed. The killings occured over the past two years. Each time, he threw the bodies into a water canal. He documented the murders on video and at one point blinded the second wife as well, shocking declarations on Egypt TV revealed.

Reports of preliminary investigations that surfaced on Monday revealed that the killer, called Ahmad, was married to two women who lived with him in an apartment. Reports say the younger wife, the mother of the children, had a fight with Ahmad, which allegedly made him to force her to murder the children by drowning them in a bucket of water.

Ahmad also videotaped the murder to blackmail the mother of the children, to prevent her from seeking police intervention. He has also brutally abused the wife to the extent that she lost her eyesight.

Ahmad and both his wives are currently under custody until the investigations are completed.

The gruesome story was uncovered on Monday on an Egyptian talk show on Channel TeN called ‘Public Opinion’, and the gory details immediately prompted the incident to be called ‘Crime of all crimes’ by the Egyptian public.

In the talk show, a woman called Hala Ali came forward to the police and accused the metro driver of killing his three children with the help of his wives.

Hala, as she revealed to the presenter, is the landlord of the apartment in which Ahmad and his two wives live.

Hala started her phone call by saying: “We bought the house in October, 2017, and when we bought it, Ahmad, the father of the three children was living in it with his two wives. They were always keeping to themselves, and we didn’t know much of them.”

She added that back then in 2017 they never saw the children. The second wife, Imane, who is the younger one, was pregnant and she was looking normal and healthy while the first wife was an old lady double his age, Hala said.

Hala said her relation with them for past two years was an ‘official’ one. “My relation with them was limited to collecting rent and more for utility bills. This year we decide that we won’t renew their contract that ends in February.”

However, Hala sensed something is terribly wrong when she entered the apartment back in November to notify the family of her decision. 

“When I was talking to him, his second wife Imane stepped out of one of the rooms. Her head was shaved, her hands and arms showed torture marks, and her eyes - I couldn’t bear looking at them. They looked so horrible. She was blind and I left in a haste.”

In February when they were supposed to be leaving the apartment, while Hala was coming down the stairs, she found Imane sitting on the stairs shivering.

That’s when she took her in and made her feel safe and asked her the whereabouts of her children.

“According to Imane, the first wife, who has no children, got jealous of her and her children. She tried to get the husband on her side by promising to register one apartment in his name. She also promised to buy him a mini bus and [put aside] a large amount of money in a bank account for him. However, she made a condition that all this won’t happen if his children are to inherit his possessions. Her money can’t go to Imane and her children,” Hala said in the talk show.

Imane had only two girls at the time of this incident.

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“Ahmad and his first wife brought a bucket filled with water and made Imane sit on a plastic chair next to it. They then forced her to drown her children - first the younger girl Diana, 2, and then Malak, 3 - all the while videotaping her actions. This was to implicate her in the crime in case one day she went to report the police of the truth,” said Hala.

A flash drive contacting the video recording of the murder was found in the apartment, according to police records.

Hala added “both the husband and his first wife wrapped the bodies and took them away.”

In 2017 when the landlady saw Imane she was pregnant for the third time.

“Imane told me that she got pregnant again after the first crime. Her husband and first wife tried to beat her to induce abortion but it didn’t work. So they kept her in the apartment till she gave birth, they didn’t register the boy’s birth and made her drown him in the same manner,” Hala said.

As a punishment for her pregnancy, Imane was tied up, beaten, tortured with knives and electricity by the couple, and her husband gouged out her eyes .