Medics show the tooth brush removed from women's esophagus in a Delta province. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: Egyptian surgeons had extricated a tooth brush from a woman’s esophagus in a Delta province, a local newspaper has reported.

The item was removed after 15-minute endoscopy procedures performed on the woman at a state hospital in the governorate of Menuifia, north of Cairo, news portal Al Youm Al Saba added.

A surgeon, who participated in the operation, was quoted by the paper as saying that the woman had said she had voluntarily swallowed the brush, without giving a clear reason for doing this.

Last month, surgeons at another Egyptian state hospital removed a lantern bulb from the wind pipe of a five-year-old boy, according to local media.

The boy’s family said that the child had swallowed the bulb while playing with his lantern, resulting in severe pains and breathing difficulties for him.

The bulb got stuck in the wind pipe of the child who was taken to a hospital affiliated to the Beni Sueif University in south Egypt.

While coins are the most common objects swallowed by children, batteries, and magnets are also among these items, according to medical experts.