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Dubai: A university student was arrested for slitting the throat of a female colleague at Mansoura University after she rejected his marriage proposal, local media reported.

Naiyera Ashraf, 21, a student at the Faculty of Arts, was slain by her colleague, 21, in broad daylight in front of the university’s gate where a crowd of passers-by gathered. The young woman was attacked with a knife several times before she was taken to hospital, but she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The horrific scene, which took place on Monday afternoon, shocked the Egyptian people with calls demanding justice for the victim and the severest punishment against the killer.

Bystanders handed over the suspect to the police after beating him up, according to a statement by the public prosecution. The suspect was arrested with the knife in his possession and is currently under investigation, the prosecution said.

Eyewitnesses said that the suspect wanted to marry the victim, but she rejected his proposal, so he decided to take 'revenge' and had threatened to kill her several times previously.

The prosecution examined the victim’s body and found injuries on her neck, chest and other areas. It also took the statements of two security personnel at the university, who confirmed that the suspect committed the crime.

A video of the incident has been widely circulated on social media, showing the suspect slitting the woman’s throat on a busy street before he is attacked and restrained by bystanders.

The prosecution warned the public against circulating footage of the crime or speculating about the suspect’s motive, because it can “directly affect the integrity of the investigation,” compromise evidence, disturb public order, and cause harm to the victim’s family.