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Abu Dhabi: An Egyptian man who strangled and suffocated his mother before robbing her savings has been remanded in custody, local media reported.

Counselor Ashraf Al Maghrabi, Attorney General for the Montazah Prosecutions in Alexandria, ordered Ashraf A.A. to be held for four days pending investigations, after the prosecution charged him with premeditated murder and robbery.

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On Sunday, a member of the Public Prosecution escorted the accused to the crime scene, where he lived with his mother on Mahmoud Al Banna Street in Sidi Bishr.

He was under heavy security to protect him from any possible revenge attack from neighbours. He reenacted the crime in line with his statements in records of the Public Prosecution.

The accused explained how he pushed his mother onto the sofaand suffocated her until she lost consciousness. To make sure of her death, the man covered her head with a plastic bag and wrapped it with a tight bandage.

The accused also explained how he opened the storage cabin of the sofa and stuffed his mother’s body inside. He then closed the sofa to hide her body from his brothers who often visited their mother. He then stole her life savings.

Although the victim had to dip into her pension pot to support him and his children, he reenacted his crime with the utmost consistency and did not show any remorse for committing the gruesome crime, prosecutors said.

The accused had allegedly admitted that he had murdered his mother because of a previous argument between them. She had urged him to work instead to support himself and his children, who live with his ex-wife. He became angry and killed his mother.

The next day, as the corpse began to smell, he told his brothers the mother was missing collected his belongings, seized her mobile phone, and fled. The mobile led to his arrest later, according to prosecution records.

It was not immediately known the value of what he stole.

Major General Sami Ghoneim, Director of Alexandria Security, received a tip-off that the body of a housewife had been found in her apartment in the Sidi Bishr area and that her death was a suspected murder. The suspect’s brother accused him of committing the crime.

A team was formed under the supervision of Major General Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Director of Alexandria Investigation, revealing the son was behind the crime and he was arrested.