After the Beirut blast. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu DhabI: Kuwait has said it will rebuild Lebanon’s national wheat silos in the port of Beirut, in a gesture of solidarity and brotherhood with Lebanese people, according to Lebanon’s state news agency NNA.

This was announced on Saturday by the Abdel-Aal Al Qenaei, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Lebanon, the agency reported.

“We decided that the best and most appropriate way to start with the material aid is to rebuild the silos that provide the strategic reserve of wheat for brotherly Lebanon,” Qenaei said in an interview with Radio Lebanon.

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The envoy pointed out that “these silos were originally built in 1969 with a loan from the Kuwait Fund for Development, and that is why we decided to announce their rebuilding to continue providing strategic stocks of wheat for the Lebanese people.”

Al Qenaei added, “I believe that to rebuild what was destroyed in this disaster, whether the port or the affected areas, there will be an international conference through the United Nations, as announced, to assess the extent of damage and how countries can contribute by providing what they can to repair the damage, whether in the port or elsewhere.”

“Kuwait, on its own initiative, established an air bridge, and also participated in the conference called for by French President Emmanuel Macron,” he added.

Kuwait has committed $41 million to help Lebanon, including $30 million in prior commitments and $11 million in relief, medical and food aid. Kuwait has never been late in supporting every international effort to extend a helping hand to brotherly Lebanon, the envoy said.