Stock Jordan skyline Amman
Amman, Jordan. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Jordanian authorities on Wednesday announced that the Friday lockdown will be cancelled from this week, while the current curfew restrictions will remain in place until further notice, local media reported.

The move was announced during a COVID-19 press conference, which was attended by Sakher Dudin, Minister of State for Media Affairs, and Feras Hawari, Minister of Health.

Citizens will be permitted to go to mosques on foot to perform Isha and Taraweeh prayers beginning Friday.

On the same day, public parks and any shops within them will be reopened. Despite the downward trend in daily reported cases, Hawari said the government is preparing for the third wave by increasing hospital capacities and ensuring that there are sufficient medical personnel in the health sector.

He noted that Jordan entered the second wave only two weeks after the first wave, and the second wave was 30 per cent more severe.

Hawari said that there are no vaccine shortages in the Kingdom, and all indicators currently demonstrate that vaccines are effective against the new Indian mutation.

“No mutations have yet been recorded in Jordan,” the Health Minister confirmed.

He also announced the Eid Al Fitr holiday will be from May 11 to 15. Eid prayers can take place in outdoor spaces and will be determined later.

Dudin highlighted the government’s keenness on the return to in-person education in schools and universities by the beginning of September, indicating that a campaign has already been launched to vaccinate around 160,000 teachers prior to the reopening of schools.