Dead body
Illustrative image. Image Credit: IANS

Dubai: A camel has fatally attacked a Moroccan in the Essaouira region of Morocco after it witnessed the man slaughtering its offspring.

The sight of the man holding the head of her baby triggered a furious response from the mother camel, leading to a tragic end.

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The camel retaliated fiercely, biting the man so severely that he developed a fatal hemorrhage. The man, in his seventies, could not survive the camel’s assault.


Many cultures, particularly among Arab communities and other peoples, regard the camel as one of the most vindictive creatures on Earth.

They believe that camels harbour their resentment for years, patiently waiting for the opportune moment to take revenge.

One potential cause for this perceived spitefulness is the harsh treatment many camels endure. Regular beatings and abuse can drastically change a camel’s demeanor, causing it to transition from a typically placid state to a more agitated and vengeful one. During these episodes, the camel’s life seems to revolve solely around its intent to retaliate against its tormentor. Its eyes, say those who have observed this behavior, seethe with a deep-rooted hatred.

Many camel owners have anecdotes about this infamous animosity, especially during times of heightened distress or rampage. It’s a widely held belief that a camel has an almost uncanny memory for those who have mistreated it, retaining its grudge for years.