Operation Storm of Resolve against Al Houthi militia that has taken over large parts of Yemen involves one of the largest joint Arab mobilisation forces since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. All Gulf states with the exception of Oman are involved, as well as major Arab and non-Arab, Muslim countries, to confront the Iran-backed militia. Here are some figures illustrating the magnitude of the operation:

10 - Number of countries participating in Operation Storm of Resolve. They are: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar. Kuwait, Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco and Jordan

150,000 - Soldiers and navy units mobilised by Saudi Arabia

185 - Total number of aircraft involved

100 - Fighter jets deployed by Saudi Arabia

30 - Number of UAE warplanes participating

15 - Number of Bahraini warplanes participating

15 - Number of Kuwaiti warplanes participating

10 - Number of Qatari warplanes participating

7 - The number of southern Saudi airports in which flight operations have been halted

6.6% - Jump in oil price, to $52.48 a barrel in New York, the highest since February 18.

4 - Number of Egyptian warships en route from the Suez Canal to secure the Gulf of Aden.