200820 Saghir bin Aziz
Lieutenant General Saghir bin Aziz. Image Credit: Yemeni News Agency

Abu Dhabi: Lieutenant General Saghir bin Aziz, Yemeni Chief of Staff and Commander of Joint Operations, , has predicted an imminent end to the Iranian-backed Houthi militia’s coup.

“The Yemeni people are on a date with victory, and that the end of the Houthi militia coup is imminent,” Lieutenant-General Bin Aziz said during his meeting Wednesday, in the city of Marib, with members of the Moral Guidance Department.

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The Yemeni military commander affirmed the determination of the army leadership in his country and its unification behind the political leadership to achieve victory for Yemen and defeat of the Houthi coup, carried out by the Houthi militia, backed by Iran, according to the Yemeni News Agency.

The Yemeni Chief of Staff appreciated the efforts of the tribes in his country in support of the army forces and their great awareness of the danger posed by the Iran-backed Houthis.

In late 2014, Al Houthi militia toppled Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi’s internationally recognised government and seized the capital Sana’a.

In 2015, an Arab alliance led by the UAE and Saudi Arabia, intervened in Yemen in response to a request from the Hadi government after Al Houthis advanced on the southern city of Aden, the country’s provisional capital.