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Ali Hakami Image Credit: Supplied

A young Saudi broadcaster has reportedly died after a drowning accident on Friday in the stormy Jazan region of Saudi Arabia.

Hakami shared several images from Jazan on that same day on Twitter, showcasing black skies, wet roads and open water.

His chilling final tweet, posted to more than 5,000 followers, has now gone viral.

“I want to inspire people, I want someone to look at me and say because of you I did not give up,” he wrote, in Arabic.

Screenshots from Hakami’s Snapchat on Friday also went viral in the aftermath of the tragedy.

“We will one day depart without saying goodbye and we will leave behind us everything we want and do not want, that is the distant departure,” he wrote. “Therefore God bless us with a virtuous life and virtuous departure and bless us with those who will pray for us after we die.”

He also wrote, in another Snapchat showing a takeaway coffee cup: “Get close to anything that makes you happy and brings joy to your heart, even if it is a cup of coffee.”

Friends and colleagues mourned Hakami’s death, including fellow journalist Moussa Qassadi, who suggested on Twitter that he was with Hakami shortly before the tragedy.

“It’s an ugly feeling to be with someone before his death and suddenly he departs,” he wrote. “It’s a painful feeling when you don’t know that they were saying goodbye. The feeling breaks you and tortures you and then it kills you. Please pray for the departed Ali Hakami…”