The King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Royal Reserve has released pictures of the Arabian oryx. Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: For the first time in 90 years, Saudi Arabia has witnessed the birth of anArabian oryx, Al Arabia reported.

The King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Royal Reserve has released pictures documenting the birth of the first Arabian oryx.

The calf was born at the reserve, which is located in the Northern Borders province and is the largest natural reserve in the Middle East, covering 130,700 square kilometers.

The historic moment was shared by the Reserve on Twitter. “King Salman Royal Reserve witnessed the Arabian oryx give the first birth to a calf after the interrupted labor of the Arabian oryx species that lasted 90 years,” the reserve said.

The pictures show the calf released back into the wild under the Kingdom’s programmes to reintroduce the endangered species back into their natural habitat.

The Arabian oryx is one of Saudi Arabia’s endangered species currently benefiting from preservation efforts.


In 1972, the species was declared extinct in the wild having witnessed a significant drop in numbers due to loss of habitat and poaching. The Kingdom’s goal is to reintroduce endangered species into the wild in order to preserve its natural heritage and biodiversity.

As part of conservation efforts, this includes preserving the natural habitats of respective species, while designating protected areas such as the King Salman Royal Reserve.

Earlier this year, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) released 20 Arabian oryx, 50 sand gazelles and 10 Nubian ibex into their native habitat in the nature reserves of northwestern Saudi Arabia to mark World Wildlife Day.