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Image Credit: Pixabay/pictavio

Dubai: A carton of dates was sold for a staggering 40,000 riyals in Saudi Arabia, a viral video showed sparking diverse reactions from social media users.

The live auction, which has now garnered widespread attention, started with a base price of 12,000 riyals for the carton of dates. The bids quickly escalated when one of the attendees offered an additional 1,000 riyals, pushing the price to 13,000 riyals. The intensity in the auction room ramped up, and the carton's price astonishingly jumped to 30,000 riyals.

The bidding fervor continued until the carton of dates was finally sold for an unprecedented 40,000 riyals, setting a record for the event and leaving many social media users astounded.

The video has elicited mixed reactions from the online community. One user defended the high bid, commenting, "This date has its value because it is of high quality and rare," pointing to the premium and scarce nature of the dates as justification for the inflated price.

However, others were more skeptical and disapproving of the soaring price. "Even if it is stuffed with pistachios or cashews, I would not pay this amount," one user stated unequivocally, indicating that not everyone was convinced of the carton's value, regardless of the quality of dates inside.