The trailer which was hit by lightning. Image Credit: Video grab

Dubai: A powerful thunderbolt and extreme weather conditions in Dawadmi town in Saudi Arabia, have led to the death of several camels and damage to vehicles.

The incident, captured in a video clip by a local resident, has been widely circulated on social media.

The footage reveals the aftermath of a lightning strike that caused a trailer to over-turn, ultimately crashing into a flock of camels and killing seven of them. The intense wind and rain forced the trailer to overturn three times before striking the animals.

The Saudi Civil Defence has warned citizens and residents in the Kingdom, following the National Centre of Meteorology’s report on the expected weather conditions across various regions.

The report forecasts moderate to heavy thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds, hail, and potential flash floods in parts of the Jizan, Asir, Al Baha, and Mecca regions, extending to the heights of Medina.

Thunderstorms and dust storms are also expected to limit visibility in parts of Riyadh, Eastern, and Najran regions.

Authorities called on residents to be vigilant during this period of heavy rain and potential flash floods, as accumulated clouds may result in further severe weather.