Young Saudi woman going for a Bentley car Image Credit: Al Marsad

Manama: Saudis are rushing to social media to record their initiatives after a ban on women driving was lifted last week.

Although the new rules allowing Saudi women to drive in the kingdom will not be applied until June 2018, men and women, thrilled with the breakthrough, are making moves to record themselves as pioneers in actions and ideas related to the lifting of the ban.

One bride-to-be insisted on including being allowed to drive and receiving a new car from her groom in the prenuptial agreement.

The groom-to-be accepted and the marriage contract was drawn up.

Another husband leapt into action by claiming he was the first Saudi man to offer a Hummer to his wife in appreciation of her love.

Thanking King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman “a billion times”, he posted a clip of himself showing off the yellow Hummer and insisting to be recalled as the first Saudi to offer such a vehicle to his wife.

A young woman said that she was the first Saudi woman to buy a luxury car following the lifting of the ban.

She posted the clip showing her entering the showroom and choosing a Bentley, and expressed deep enthusiasm for her decision to go ahead and purchase the car.

Njood Al Shimmari, a social media personality, posted a clip showing her choose her Rolls Royce from a showroom for luxury cars.