Al Qah’tani walks on an electricity line while grasping an overhead wire for balance to draw attention to power outages affecting his village in Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: Supplied

Manama: A disgruntled Saudi man risked his life by walking barefooted on an electricity wire without knowing when power could be restored to draw attention to repeated energy cuts affecting his village.

Witnesses said that Mohammad Al Qah'tani climbed up a pole and then walked barefoot for around 100 metres on the wire while holding the overhead wire with his hands for balance amid concerns among fellow villagers that power could be restored at any time.

Al Qah'tani said that he wanted to prove that the wires often did not carry electricity and that the electrical company took a long time to restore power. 

"The residents are fed up with the repeated power cuts that have been causing moral distress and material losses," he said, quoted by Saudi daily Okaz.

Electricity company officials in the village in Asir, in the south western part of Saudi Arabia, attributed the power failures to heavy rains and unstable weather.