Illustrative image. Image Credit: Creative Commons

Dubai: A Saudi man allegedly divorced his wife for blocking him on WhatsApp, just after three months after tying the knot, local media reported.

The Civil Status Court in Jeddah issued a verdict in favour of a Saudi man who filed for the divorce three months after marriage after being blocked by his wife on WhatsApp. The court also ordered the wife to return the dowry and the gold she got from her husband.

According to court papers, the man got married to the woman and gave her a dowry of SR50,000 together with some gold. It was agreed that the wedding party would take place at a later time, but a dispute arose between the two which led to ending the marriage, according to Okaz newspaper.

“We have reached a situation where my wife blocked me on WhatsApp. I could not communicate with her, and had to call her father but to no avail. This is why I am asking my wife to either come back home or return the dowry and gold I gave her,” the man told the court.

According to the wife’s father, the man's behaviour caused his daughter to hate him and that his daughter wanted to finish her education first before moving to his house. The man, however, denied the accusations made by his father-in-law.

Accordingly and after hearing the testimonies of both parties, the court decided to end the marriage and ordered the woman to return the dowry and gold she got from her husband.