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Cairo: A Saudi woman and her Indonesian mother were reunited after a separation of more than 20 years, the Saudi embassy in Jakarta said Saturday.

It all started when the Saudi national contacted the embassy in Jakarta to help find her Indonesian mother who had left Saudi Arabia more than 20 years ago, after her Saudi husband’s death about three years after she gave birth to their child, Saudi Ambassador in Indonesia Essam Abed told Okaz newspaper.

“The Saudi citizen had asked the embassy to help her search for her mother,” the diplomat said.

“After going through old files, the marriage of the two was found to have been officially documented. Afterwards, a search was mounted by the embassy staff until the mother was reached after enormous efforts assisted by a number of Indonesian official agencies,” Abed added.

The Indonesian woman came Friday to the embassy where she communicated with her daughter through Skype.

“The reunion was very touching between the mother and her parent, especially that the mother doesn’t speak Arabic,” the ambassador said.

The embassy said on its Twitter account that it plans a face-to-face meeting between both either in Indonesia or in Riyadh where the daughter is living.