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Video screengrab of Umrah pilgrims praying amid heavy rains and thunderstorms in Mecca. Image Credit:

Dubai: The General Directorate of Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia has issued a warning urging residents to exercise caution due to the expected thunderstorms in most regions of the country until Monday.

Emphasising safety during rainfall, the Civil Defence has stressed the importance of staying away from water swamps, valleys and areas prone to gathering torrents. Residents are discouraged swimming in these areas to avoid potential dangers.

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Additionally, it has called on the public to stay informed and follow the instructions provided through various social media platforms and official channels.

Weather forecasts indicate that the Mecca region, including the Holy Capital, Al Jumum, Bahrah, Taif, Adham, Al Ardiyat, Maysaan, Al Kamil, Al Lith and Al Qunfudhah, can expect light to moderate rain.

The Medina region, which comprises Yanbu and Badr, as well as the regions of Al Baha, Hail, Tabuk, Al Jouf and the Northern Border, are also expected to experience similar weather conditions.

In specific, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) forecasts indicate that the Mecca region, which includes Jeddah, Khulais, Turabah, Al Muwayh, Rabigh, and Al Khurma, will witness light to moderate rain on Sunday (today).

Residents and visitors are encouraged to take the necessary precautions and stay updated with the latest weather information to ensure their safety during this period of unsettled weather.