A flooded road in Saudi city of Tohama during heavy rains last year Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: The General Directorate of Civil Defence in Saudi Arabia has urged residents to exercise caution in the face of expected thunderstorms that are forecast to last until Monday.

National Centre of Metrology (NCM) report said several regions, including Mecca, Taif, Maysaan, Adham, Al Ardiyat, and Al Kamil, will experience medium to heavy rainfall. This might escalate to torrential downpours, accompanied by hail and gusty winds. Other regions likely to be affected by this weather disturbance are Asir, Al Baha, and Jazan.

Light to medium rain is forecast for Medina, Tabuk, and Najran regions. The rains will be accompanied by downward winds, potentially causing dust storms.

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Riyadh region, specifically areas like Howtat Bani Tamim, Al Aflaj, As Sulayyil, Al Kharj, Al Hariq, and Al Sharqiyah region, also expected to receive light to medium rainfall.

These showers might be accompanied by wind gusts that can stir up dust.

The Civil Defense highlighted the importance of staying indoors during such weather disturbances. Residents are advised to avoid areas prone to flash floods and to refrain from swimming in these zones, due to the potential risks involved.