20220516 kuwait sandstorm
Image Credit: AFP file

Dubai: Renowned Saudi meteorologist Dr. Khalid Al Zaaq has issued a stern warning against travelling between noon and 3 over the next 45 days.

The warning comes as the Kingdom is experiencing extreme heat conditions, coupled with the rise of winds carrying toxin dust.

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Dr. Al Zaaq posted the warning on his Twitter account, advising residents to travel either at the beginning or end of the day to avoid the worst of the conditions.

He explained that the current weather phenomenon is resulting in storms of wind, which have the effect of raising dust and suspended particles.

These winds, Dr. Al Zaaq said, can be categorised into two groups. The first includes permanent winds on the coasts of Tihamia, Yemen, and the Horn of Africa, which stir up dust throughout the summer.

Locally, this season is known as “Ghubaira” or the dust season.

The second type of winds rises with the sun intensifying at noon and causing dust to settle on things. This phenomenon is locally referred to as “Al Bawareh,” causing the displacement of desert sand.

“The permanent, rising winds that raise dust and dust continue throughout the summer season. They are hot ‘poisonous winds’ during the 52-day seasons of ‘Zadha and Jamrat Al Qidh,’” Al Zaaq added.

The National Centre of Meteorology also released a report, echoing Dr. Al Zaaq’s concerns.

The report anticipates the active winds stirring dust and reducing visibility across the northern borders,

Riyadh, Eastern Najran, as well as parts of the regions of Mecca and Medina, especially along the coastlines.

Furthermore, Saudi skies are expected to be partly to fully cloudy with intermittent rainy thunderstorms over parts of the Jazan and Asir regions.

With these severe weather conditions expected to persist, Saudi residents are urged to follow the advice of meteorological experts and refrain from travelling during the day’s peak heat for their safety and well-being.