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Dubai: Saudi Arabia has warned the public against mistreating old people, saying culprits will be fined and jailed, local media reported.

According to the Saudi law, elderly citizens have the right to live with their families, and they must be provided with proper accommodation and be taken care of.

The Saudi public prosecution has affirmed its keenness to protect old people and that it has issued laws and regulations to preserve their rights.

Anyone who is found to be mistreating old people will be jailed for one year and fined SR 500,000, the public prosecution said in a statement published on its twitter page.

The statement also warned families of old people against using the money of the elderly without their consent.

Earlier this year, the Saudi Cabinet approved a new law to protect the rights of elderly citizens in the Kingdom.

Saad Al Hammad, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, said: “The new law strengthens the position of the elderly in society and is based on our customs and traditions, by giving the elderly priority in services and waiting areas and investing their skills in a variety of fields.”

This legislation, according to Al Hammad, grants the elderly special privileges and preserves their social, financial, and legal rights.