Riyadh Saudi Arabia
An aerial view shows the highway on the first day of Eid Al Fitr in the Saudi capital Riyadh, on May 24, 2020. Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia has launched three human rights initiatives that could help strengthen its international image, Saudi media reported.

Chairman of the Saudi Human Rights Commission, Awad Al Awad, launched the enterprises related to international communication aimed at highlighting the reforms achieved in the field of human rights at the international level, in addition to enhancing the interaction of the commission with its counterparts in states, international bodies and human rights NGOs.

At the forefront of these was the launch of the International Communication Programme for the Human Rights Commission, whereby a group of civil society institutions will be qualified to participate in the meetings of the Human Rights Council as well as international human rights events.

Young Saudi human rights leaders will be trained to strengthen the kingdom’s presence in human rights organisations around the world.

Besides, the launch of the HRC International account, which is concerned with the continuous publication of information and data that reflects the progress made in the field of human rights in English, and direct interaction with the public on social media, in addition to the launch of the newsletter, which is a global monthly bulletin in English, dealing with new reforms and developments in human rights at the national level.

Al Awad said Saudi Arabia has witnessed historical transformations and qualitative moves in human rights, as more than 70 reform decisions in the field of human rights have been issued.

Al Awad emphasised that these initiatives came to clarify the true picture of the human rights situation in the kingdom, which has witnessed during the past few years an unprecedented development at all levels, including legislative, judicial, administrative and the like. This will also contribute to strengthening communication with parties and international figures concerned with human rights, and positive interaction with them to ensure correcting some misperceptions regarding the human rights situation in the kingdom.

He added that these initiatives will support the concerned authorities in the kingdom by highlighting their efforts in the field of human rights globally.