Can I sponsor myself as a domestic worker?
Photo for illustrative purpose Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Cairo: Saudi Arabia will soon include insurance into domestic labour contracts at low prices to compensate employers in cases of contractual disruptions, including the worker’s escape, according to a TV report.

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development will soon announce a related decision, whereby recruitment firms will inform beneficiaries of insurance when they conclude labour contracts, Saudi TV Al Ekhbariya said.

In cases of the house worker’s escape, illness, death or wish not to continue in work, there will be insurance preserving the recruiter’s right and will be provided at affordable prices, the television added.

Insurance will be part of the contract. Accordingly, on contracting with the recruitment office to get domestic labour, an insurance price will be included, it elaborated.

It is not immediately clear when the new provision will take effect.

Last week, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia signed a deal allowing the resumption of recruitment of Indonesian house workers in the kingdom after an 11-year hiatus.