Worshippers arrive to circumambulate the Kaaba, at the Grand mosque in Mecca. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has announced that 128,000 tonnes of trash has been removed from Mecca and holy sites between Dhul Hijjah 1 and 10 (June 30 –July 9), local media reported.

“13,549 supervisors, observers, drivers and cleaners participated in these efforts, using various types of 912 equipment to dispose off the waste round the clock,” said Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing Majed Al Hoqail, while lauding the success of the ministry’s plan to safeguard the health, safety and comfort of the Hajj pilgrims.

The ministry has established a set of protocols to receive pilgrims and make all facilities and services available to them. He said that 22,000 staff from the ministry, municipalities, and 28 municipal service facilities at the holy sites contributed to the implementation of the ministry’s action plan, Al Hoqail added.

He said that during the Hajj , the ministry launched a package of services, including a mobile laboratory service, which received and analysed samples of food and water and sent the reports to authorities, as well as conducting a rapid laboratory test of the samples received.