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Picture for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: Saudi Arabia’s traffic police arrested a motorist who was seen on television drifting dangerously on the road while a TV reporter was talking live, a Saudi newspaper reported.

TV correspondent Zaher Al Maliki was presenting a live report on the Saudiah television about the role of a newly created road agency in maintaining safety on routes when a car appeared behind him moving rashly.

“The situation happened while I was talking live. I was struck by the sound that I expected to be the result of a violating behaviour,” Al Maliki told news portal Sabq.

“Such misconduct is targeted by the Road Authority approved by the Cabinet. Immediately, I cited this violation as among the objectives that the authority seeks to reverse,” he added.

“I maintained my composure in front of the camera and guessed what the scene was about without turning around,” Al Maliki recalled.

Traffic police arrested the violator and impounded his car in the Jazan region in south-western Saudi Arabia to take legal action against him, according to Sabq.