Saudi Arabia mosque prayer
Photo for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: Reuters

Cairo: Saudi religious authorities have directed prayers marking the upcoming Eid Al Fitr not be held in open-air places and be limited to mosques in rain-hit areas.

Several areas in the kingdom this week experienced heavy rains resulting sometimes in flash floods.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Call has directed its affiliates to heed climate changes and torrential rains forecast in some regions during this week’s Eid Al Fitr and emphasised that the Eid prayers, offered on the morning of the first day of the feast be confined to mosques to protect worshippers’ safety, Okaz newspaper has reported.

However, the ministry said the Eid prayers can be held in outdoor prayer places in areas not affected by rains.

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has called on all Muslims throughout the kingdom to sight Saturday night the crescent of Shawwal, the Islamic month that follows the current holy month of Ramadan. Saturday is the 29th of Ramadan.

Eid Al Fitr is expected to begin on Monday.