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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: A far-reaching campaign against corruption began last month across Saudi Arabia. An official source in the Saudi Anti-Corruption Commission said interrogations began last month in 127 cases. The most prominent cases dealt with were as follows:

First case:

In cooperation with the State Security, the Financial Market Authority and the General Organisation for Social Insurance, it was revealed that 14 people, including the chairman of a government-owned shareholding company, the vice president, the CEO, a number of its board members, and an audit committee member of the company, as well as five employees of a company owned by the chairman of the shareholding company, have allegedly participated in counterfeiting, money laundering, manipulation of the company’s financial statements, and establishing companies for the purpose of circumventing the corporate system to enable its CEO to purchase more than 10 per cent of the shares of another company listed on the financial market with a value of SR200 million ($53.3 million), to influence the decisions of the board of directors of the two companies and achieve personal interests. The suspects were referred to the Public Prosecution pending trial.

Second case:

A businessman has allegedly got SR6 million ($1.6 million) in exchange for his mediation for a company to obtain a contract with a government agency in an irregular manner (bribery). He will stand trial in due course.

Third case:

In cooperation with the Riyadh police, eight people, including three expatriates working for a company affiliated with a telecommunications company, were arrested for allegedly being involved in a SIM cards scam, involving using these SIM cards in money laundering, other criminal activities and illegal trading. They will be referred to the Public Prosecution for trail.

Fourth case:

Eight companies across Saudi Arabia have been allegedly involved in fraudulently registering employees who are not eligible to government relief packages allocated for people hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The suspects will be referred to the Public Prosecution pending trial.

Fifth case:

The director of a traffic department with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel has allegedly taken a vehicle as a bribe from the owner of a property rented by the department, in return for getting the lease contract renewed. The suspect will stand trial in due course.

Sixth case:

The head of a Riyadh municipality has allegedly signed contracts in his name with a company, to take a percentage of its profits in return for services illegally rendered to the company using his position. The suspect will be referred to the Public Prosecution pending trial.

Seventh case:

A university official has allegedly taken bribes for extending illegal services to some students. The suspect will stand trial in due course.