Illustrative image. Image Credit: Reuters

Cairo: Saudi Arabia’s prosecutors have banned renting out bicycles for children under 12 years, warning that violators could harm themselves and others.

The kingdom’s public prosecution said children less than 12 years are not allowed to ride bicycles on public roads and their guardians would be held responsible for any resulting damage.

The alerts were made public as the Eid Al Fitr holiday started Friday in Saudi Arabia.

To ensure safety for children while celebrating the Eid, public prosecution underlined the necessity of training workers at entertainment places in how to handle accidents resulting from children’s games and importance of observing safety rules and taking necessary related measures.

Prosecution said that as part of children’s right to safety, it is necessary to provide safety belts attached to seats of swings and other games used by kids to head off their fall.

“Games should be commensurate to the child’s age and capabilities,” said public prosecution.

A sign should be placed next to each game explaining the appropriate use age, the specific number for using it at the same time and any other necessary information including how to use the game if possible.

“Whenever possible, children’s games should be supported by safety accessories such as extra wheels on the sides of bicycles and protection helmets and elbow pads.

Theme parks are usually among favourite destinations for children during Eid festivities.