Stock Saudi Riyadh skyline
A view shows buildings and houses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has announced that a total of SR243 million has been allocated to cover the rents of over 14,000 families who were residing in Jeddah neighbourhoods that were demolished, local media reported.

The Jeddah Slums Committee said that the rent has been paid to more than 14,000 families whose properties were demolished in Jeddah slums since the commencement of the redevelopment project that started in October 2021.

The committee added that the Saudi government offers its residents who owned demolished slums a number of free services, including paying rent and providing interim accommodation.

Saudi Arabia reaffirmed its commitment to providing its citizens with job opportunities, adding it has hired roughly 213 male and female individuals who were living in neighbourhoods and are enrolled in social security systems, as part of the empowerment initiatives designed for them.

Saudi Arabia also said that the removal of 28 neighbourhoods has been completed, while the removal of the remaining neighbourhoods of Al Montazahat, Quwaizah, Al Adl and Al Fadl, Umm Al Salam and Kilo 14 Al Shamali (North Kilo 14) is expected to be completed by the end of October.