A television grab made on May 31, 2010 from the Turkish TV channel shows an injured human-rights activist onboard the Turkish aid boat "Mavi Marmara," carrying aid to the Gaza Strip on May 30. The Israeli army said more than 10 people died when its forces stormed a flotilla of ships carrying aid to Gaza while the Turkish charity involved with the fleet put the death toll at at least 15 dead. Image Credit: AFP

Jeddah: The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on Monday condemned the violent actions of Israeli soldiers against civilians onboard the Freedom Flotilla heading to Palestine.

The OIC said it condemned the uncalled for actions of Israeli troops against Freedom Flotilla civilians delivering humanitarian aid and for their solidarity to the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary-General of the OIC, said in a statement that Israel should be held fully responsible for the wellbeing and safety of all people on the ship, adding that such a crime is a deliberate violation of international laws and human values.

He also said that Israel must lift the siege it is imposing on Gaza, which debilitated the economy and worsened the living conditions in Gaza.

He also asked Islamic Organizations in New York and Geneva to take action on the UN Security Council and Human Rights Council levels to discuss the repercussions of this terrible crime.

He called on member countries and all international parties to take action and put a stop to Israel’s violent actions on Palestinians’ lands.

He also said that investigations must be carried out on Israel’s crime, which occurred on international waters, against the people of the Freedom flotilla and to bring all those responsible to justice.