Abdul Salam Al Ahmari being honoured by the Saudi Red Crescent. Image Credit: supplied

Cairo: Saudi medical authorities have appreciated efforts made by a boy who helped save his mother’s life.

Last month, the command and control room at the Saudi Red Crescent received a call from the boy saying his mother had lost consciousness. The medic on the other end of the line asked the child to send their house location in Asir in south-western Saudi Arabia via WhatsApp to deliver medical assistance.

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The boy, named Abdul Salam Al Ahmari, was guided by the medic about how to help his mother breathe and properly perform car-diopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a life-saving technique used during a cardiac arrest.

A team of medics soon reached the house, offered first aide to the woman and transferred her to a nearby hospital.

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The Asir branch of the Red Crescent recognised Abdul Salam’s efforts and honoured him. “What he did is an inspiring example,” head of the Red Crescent branch Mohammed Al Shihri said.

In a similar incident, Saudi media last month reported that a woman’s life was saved in Saudi Arabia after her child called medics and told them her mother had collapsed to the ground and could not speak.

A medic on the other end quickly responded to the child’s plea and asked her to send the location of their house and keep in contact until an ambulance reached their house.

The medic’s act earned him public praise from Saudi Health Min-ister Fahd Al Jalajel. “What made a difference (in the incident) was not the ambulance or the phone, but passion, sympathy and devotion,” said the minister at a public ceremony.